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Star Wars Date Converter

I threw together a quick converter for a couple of the main calendar systems because I was tired of doing the math every time I wanted to know when something happened relative to GSC or TC (since most everyone uses … Continue reading

Google Webfonts

I am such a geek. A font geek! I’m not sure when Google upgraded the webfonts interface or when they went from “alot” of fonts to “hundreds”, but the new interface looks great! Some girls swoon over rock stars and … Continue reading

Kudos to Windows 7?

I know, usually you don’t expect me to say much nice about Microsoft. But I use a Windows7 machine because I need it for work, and I’ve actually been favorably impressed with Windows 7. It strikes me as a great … Continue reading

Content first

For my overhaul, I decided to take the opposite tack of many designers. Instead of designing a pretty shell and trying to fit my content to it, I’m going to start with the content and then design around it. For … Continue reading

That’s right. It’s time to start fresh

Decided it’s time to do away with the old html and site structure. It’s been a good three years since my last redesign, and even then I didn’t update the code, just gave it a new look. SO. If this … Continue reading