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Site Redesign Part 3

I was really happy with the watercolor and the basic idea of the design I was working on but it really didn’t feel like _me_. So out comes the Wacom. I think I like this direction better. The watercolor with … Continue reading

Web Design is a road…

Here I am again, stuck in IE7 hell. It struck me today, while I’m sitting here hacking up my layout’s css to accommodate the vagaries of IE7, that working on a layout is a lot like driving a car. There’s … Continue reading

Site Redesign Part 1

Websites are hard. It’s about time to redesign my site again and this time clear out all the old code that’s hiding under the hood. Moving up to html5 and css3 but damn, the design’s the hard part. Here’s how … Continue reading

Aurhia Wallpaper

Concept to final product – system message icons

Two things that all transactional sites have: success messages and error messages. Ideally, these messages will be at the top of the page and be set off in some way through color or other visual cues. Using green and red … Continue reading