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“Love and Light” Knotwork – update 7

Here’s a preview of how the knotwork will look, as I have it in my head now. Subject to change, of course: With guides: and without: full-size detail:

“Love and Light” Knotwork – update 6

The final step of preparation is making sure that it’s one line. Sometimes I skip this or intentionally use multiple ribbons, but given the theme of this piece I thought it most appropriate to adhere to the tradition of the … Continue reading

“Love and Light” Knotwork – update 5

Finished working out the subdivided lines: The next step then is to start inking in the final knot lines themselves. I think I will stick with my usual hand-drawn approach to the lines instead of creating vector lines. I think … Continue reading

“Love and Light” Knotwork – update 4

Just a quick update to show yesterday’s progress on plotting the subdivided lines:

“Love and Light” Knotwork – update 3

Got about half the subdivided lines done today for plotting out: