Teepublic Revamp

I’ve revamped my Teepublic storefront to match the updated images I’m using on Patreon and elsewhere. If you haven’t checked out Teepublic yet, I recommend them for t-shirts. I’ve gotten a couple from there myself and I was really happy with the quality of the printing. They’ve stood up to the washing machine pretty well. That’s why I chose to include Teepublic when I was looking at sites to sell my art on.

Support me on Patreon!

I’ve finished hammering all the pieces together and ended up with something vaguely Patreon shaped. I spent some extra time to make sure I was offering something of value at each level, and to make sure what I was offering was realistic.

At the lowest levels of support, I’m offering community access, sneak peeks, and acknowledgements. As you step up, there are other resources, discounts in my etsy shop (which I’m also opening within the next few weeks), special requests, and even 50% off of my paid design and writing services at the top tier.

Basic access to the Discord server is available to everyone, with extra channels for Patreons. If you want to support me, but can’t afford a pledge, you are still very welcome in the Discord server here: https://discord.gg/KxzwR73tJX

I’m really excited to open my process up and build community with you and other artists and anyone who is interested in being involved. I hope you will join us on my Patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/CrysOdenkirk.

Happy Imbolc!

I hope you had a fantastic Imbolc!

Greeting cards for the four major fire festivals are available in my Redbubble store:





Happy Imbolc!

Daffodils at Castle Rock

Daffodils always say February to me, even living in a place with flowers year-round. Found these beauties on a walk yesterday at Castle Rock Regional Rec. Area.

And just in time. Today through the end of July, the park is closed down because it’s a nesting area for peregrine falcons. We heard them calling while we were there and spent some time just sitting and watching and listening.

December ’22 ArtSnacks Review