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Sun Conure Watercolor Painting in Art Nouveau Style Timelapse

The wet bird in the reference photo is Squeaky my sun conure. He’s camera shy but when I managed to catch a snap, I knew I had to paint it! Timelapse set to Classical music from Artlist.

15 Art Nouveau Elements To Use In Your Own Work

Are you an artist who loves the modern trend of using renewed Art Nouveau aesthetics but you want something more from your images than the endless parade of Mucha copies we’re seeing now? I’ve broken down fifteen elements of the … Continue reading

Art Nouveau Style Daffodils, Art Timelapse

Timelapse process video for the Art Nouveau style flowers I painted to go with the Kuretake Art Nouveau Gansai set I posted last week. The image is based on a photo I took this spring up on Mt. Diablo.

Kuretake Art Nouveau Gansai Tambi Watercolor Palette Review

I received the Kuretake Art Nouveau set as a gift and wanted to share my thoughts on it after using it for the first time. The Art Nouveau period is one of my favorite times in Art History so you … Continue reading