Star Wars Date Converter

Star Wars lore has more calendars and dating systems than any other fictional lore I can think of. Trying to remember them all is a pain -- it is not helped by there being conflicting dating systems even for the same time period and location (how many days in a week? Depends on which author you ask!).

I've tried to make this as accurate as possible. The years should all be correct, but days, weeks and months, I did my best with the information I found. BBY/ABY is my base. Any potential discrepencies I'll post in the references at the bottom of the page.

Current Present in SWTOR: 18 ATC

Year Conversion

Put the year in to one field, press the "convert" button next to it, and the rest of the fields will show the year in that system. Negative numbers are BTC/BBY, positive for ATC/ABY