Every project is different. Please contact me at for a custom quote to match your project. All work will be quoted on a per-project basis, based on an average of $100/hr. One hour will often (but not always) equal 1,000 words (roughly 4 pages, double spaced with standard margins and font-size) for editing, and 250 words for writing. Basic no-frills site design may take 10 hrs to design and another 10 to code. A business card may take about 2 hrs to design. Note that these are averages and the specific needs of your project may increase or decrease my estimate considerably.


I do not provide hosting directly. However, I host my own sites with StableHost and I've been very happy with them. If you're looking for hosting, I do recommend them. Use the coupon code "CRYS" to get 40% off when you check out!