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Redesign: What I Can Do

In today’s installment of my redesign project, we’ll discuss the second bullet point of content the site needs to contain: “What I can do.” I can do a lot of things. I can sing bass. I can write fiction. I … Continue reading

Redesign: Contact Methods

In this installment of my Redesign series, I’m going to discuss contact methods. For a services site like mine, contacts from prospective clients are necessary to close a sale. For an ecommerce site, contact will mainly be geared toward support … Continue reading

Design Is About Communication

Now that we’ve defined the problem for the redesign of this site and summarized the solution to the problem, it’s time to build out and implement that solution.

Design Is About Problem Solving

Every good design is created to solve a problem. So the first step in any design is to define what problem you’re trying to solve. There are many potential problems a website might solve, and every good site has its … Continue reading

Posting Announcements by End Date in MX-Publisher for phpbb3

I am the guild leader of Seelund Trading Co. on the Venture Co. (US) Server in World of Warcraft. I’m also, not surprisingly, our webmaster. This means maintaining a forum with a guild news portal, informational pages and a messaging … Continue reading