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Teepublic Revamp

I’ve revamped my Teepublic storefront to match the updated images I’m using on Patreon and elsewhere. If you haven’t checked out Teepublic yet, I recommend them for t-shirts. I’ve gotten a couple from there myself and I was really happy … Continue reading

Support me on Patreon!

I’ve finished hammering all the pieces together and ended up with something vaguely Patreon shaped. I spent some extra time to make sure I was offering something of value at each level, and to make sure what I was offering … Continue reading

Happy Imbolc!

I hope you had a fantastic Imbolc! Greeting cards for the four major fire festivals are available in my Redbubble store: Imbolc Beltaine Lughnasadh Samhain

Happy Imbolc!

Daffodils always say February to me, even living in a place with flowers year-round. Found these beauties on a walk yesterday at Castle Rock Regional Rec. Area. And just in time. Today through the end of July, the park is … Continue reading

December ’22 ArtSnacks Review