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Star Wars Date Converter

I threw together a quick converter for a couple of the main calendar systems because I was tired of doing the math every time I wanted to know when something happened relative to GSC or TC (since most everyone uses … Continue reading

Drunken Alien Studios website

The initial Drunken Alien Studios website is finally live! On this website I was responsible for all the coding, and the site’s design was created in collaboration with Anthony Pileri of Drunken Alien.


Ghorfa, Website and language Ghorfa was a guild of people playing Sand People from Tatooine. Yes, those Sand People. They would show up in places there shouldn’t be Sand People and get bystanders involved (think, flash mob of Sand People…). … Continue reading

Site Redesign Part 3

I was really happy with the watercolor and the basic idea of the design I was working on but it really didn’t feel like _me_. So out comes the Wacom. I think I like this direction better. The watercolor with … Continue reading

Site Redesign Part 2

alright here’s where I leave it for tonight. I’m thinking my site really needs a layout overhaul and that includes a nice big “featured” article section at the top of the index. Not sure whether to make it a featured … Continue reading