Monthly Archives: February 2011

Spiral Knotwork Part 5

Moving on into drawing the individual threads. I decided to go for a double thread this time to add some complexity, except perhaps in the innermost spiral where I might leave it a single thread. You can see how the … Continue reading

Spiral Knotwork Part 4

I’ve finished the rough outlines for the threads in the knot. Normally at this point I would trace them to be sure that it was one thread (or that specific decorative threads are evenly woven, if that’s what I’m going … Continue reading

Spiral Knotwork Part 3

Now the underlying framework is done. The lines that are currently black act as “complications” in the knot, keeping it from just being a basic boring latticework. The blue lines are edges of the spiral, except inside the innermost blue … Continue reading

Spiral Knotwork Part 2

Spiral’s base framework, all gridded and dotted up.

Spiral Knotwork Part 1

Starting a new full-page knotwork. Digital. No, I haven’t finished the last one yet. They tend to overlap like that. This is my base framework. Normally I work with right angled squares and rectangles but after that short, quick round … Continue reading