Monthly Archives: June 2012

“Love and Light” Knotwork – update 7

Here’s a preview of how the knotwork will look, as I have it in my head now. Subject to change, of course: With guides: and without: full-size detail:

“Love and Light” Knotwork – update 6

The final step of preparation is making sure that it’s one line. Sometimes I skip this or intentionally use multiple ribbons, but given the theme of this piece I thought it most appropriate to adhere to the tradition of the … Continue reading

“Love and Light” Knotwork – update 5

Finished working out the subdivided lines: The next step then is to start inking in the final knot lines themselves. I think I will stick with my usual hand-drawn approach to the lines instead of creating vector lines. I think … Continue reading

Character Module Design Process: Userflows

Userflows are the foundation from which the interface takes its form. All later parts of the project hang upon them. So what are they? The userflow is a map of how the user interacts with the system, and how the … Continue reading


Ghorfa, Website and language Ghorfa was a guild of people playing Sand People from Tatooine. Yes, those Sand People. They would show up in places there shouldn’t be Sand People and get bystanders involved (think, flash mob of Sand People…). … Continue reading