Monthly Archives: July 2013

update on last drawing

I haven’t had the chance to do much art this week. *cries* Here’s an update on the drawing I started Sunday:

Google’s New Tabbed Interface and Google Lab’s Multiple Inboxes

They don’t work together, and after trying the new interface, I found that I couldn’t regain my multiple inboxes. So I googled on Google to find a way to fix Google’s new mail interface and found that Google couldn’t tell … Continue reading

Sunday morning drawing

This is what I’m doing with my Sunday morning (hush. It’s still morning til I decide it’s not…)

New character wallpaper – July

Most recent character wallpaper, for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Saam Zolak

Drunken Alien Studios website

The initial Drunken Alien Studios website is finally live! On this website I was responsible for all the coding, and the site’s design was created in collaboration with Anthony Pileri of Drunken Alien.