Monthly Archives: June 2010

Milwaukee City Hall

Milwaukee’s City Hall On A Stormy Day Digital manipulation based on a photo I took of Milwaukee’s City Hall in Sept. 2009. I used the same original image as the basis for my Photoshop tutorial on Vignetting/Depth of Field with … Continue reading

Vignetting/Depth of Field with Smart Objects CS4/CS5

Here’s my original image: Now, assume for a moment I wanted to focus attention strictly on the tower, up around the clock, to show off some of the great architectural detail on the Milwaukee City Hall. One way to do … Continue reading

“Essential” Template Style in 16 colors

Give users a new style for their website Myers Internet offered templated sites for real estate agents and mortgage brokers across the country. I created a new style of templates, named “Essential”. Each template came in 16 colors; blue is … Continue reading

Guess I’m just getting old

…but man, social networking is more work than it’s worth. Blog comments… if you’re reading a popular blog, there’s no point in answering it because there’s so many comments no one really reads them past the first five or ten … Continue reading

WordPress 3.0

Have to say, I’ve got nothing but good things to say about where WordPress has gone. I was a little worried when I decided to switch over to WordPress a year ago. I was worried that the first upgrade would … Continue reading