Monthly Archives: May 2010

Reality and I are having an argument…

…and I think it’s winning. I can’t tell if the problem is that I don’t believe in the uncivilized hour of 5 am, or if 5 am doesn’t believe in me.

In Search of Bolder Type and a Font Outline

I have always been annoyed by how not-bold the standard browser-safe system fonts are at smaller font sizes. And even now, calling in a bolder typeface using @font-face is not always a viable option (like a project I’m working on … Continue reading

jQuery/CSS3 gallery update

Well, I saw an interesting demo of a draggable css3/jquery-based gallery a couple weeks ago and I’ve been playing with it to see if it was possible to integrate it with wordpress. I’m in the process of writing a tutorial … Continue reading

Usability seminar…

Just gave a seminar on usability for non-engineers. It seemed to go over well. I can’t port it to the site, unfortunately, due to the same restrictive security policies that cover everything else I’m doing these days, but I’m considering … Continue reading