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Myers Order Forms – Package Details

Myers Order Form Package Detail Pages Standard Package Features List These pages needed a complete overhaul so I got the chance to do them from scratch, the only part of the application where that’s the case. At the time, html5 … Continue reading

Myers Listing Syndication

Create a user interface that allows users to syndicate their real estate listings to other sites, and to display them on Craigslist Myers Listings Syndication screen One of the features in Myers AgentCenter/OriginatorNetwork that I worked on the interface for … Continue reading

Color Wheels with only CSS3 and Primary Colors

There are no images above, nothing but css (half of it vendor propriety, sadly), and this was entirely created with primary colors: Red Yellow and Blue. Why? Because I wanted to see how well you could create other colors using … Continue reading

In Search of Bolder Type and a Font Outline

I have always been annoyed by how not-bold the standard browser-safe system fonts are at smaller font sizes. And even now, calling in a bolder typeface using @font-face is not always a viable option (like a project I’m working on … Continue reading