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Screenshot Manipulation and digital painting

Photoshop Challenge: Character Portraits in a Movie Style

My husband Tony is a budding new designer, and we’ve recently instituted “Photoshop Challenge Days” between us. It’s a great way to practice our skills and do something fun together at the same time. Monday’s challenge was “Pick a movie … Continue reading

Milwaukee City Hall

Milwaukee’s City Hall On A Stormy Day Digital manipulation based on a photo I took of Milwaukee’s City Hall in Sept. 2009. I used the same original image as the basis for my Photoshop tutorial on Vignetting/Depth of Field with … Continue reading

Vignetting/Depth of Field with Smart Objects CS4/CS5

Here’s my original image: Now, assume for a moment I wanted to focus attention strictly on the tower, up around the clock, to show off some of the great architectural detail on the Milwaukee City Hall. One way to do … Continue reading

RHH Foam Systems

RHH Foam RHH Foam Systems – spray foam insulation The spray nozzle at the top of this site is animated, but on a long delay to avoid annoying users. I created the animation using frame-by-frame cel-style techniques in Photoshop and … Continue reading