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Sunday morning drawing

This is what I’m doing with my Sunday morning (hush. It’s still morning til I decide it’s not…)

Photoshop Challenge: Character Portraits in a Movie Style

My husband Tony is a budding new designer, and we’ve recently instituted “Photoshop Challenge Days” between us. It’s a great way to practice our skills and do something fun together at the same time. Monday’s challenge was “Pick a movie … Continue reading

Character Module Design Process: Userflows

Userflows are the foundation from which the interface takes its form. All later parts of the project hang upon them. So what are they? The userflow is a map of how the user interacts with the system, and how the … Continue reading

Character Module Design Process: Start with paper and pen

I’ve got two main forms of amusement: coding and gaming. So it’s probably no surprise that most of my best online work gets poured into my WoW/SWTOR guild, Seelund Trading Co. I’m pretty happy with how the site looks and … Continue reading