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Avatar – Wroa Hrrth

Screenshot Manipulation and digital painting

Avatars, Wallpapers, Sig Images, May and June 2013

Something I like to do is make computer wallpaper for people using their characters, and also avatars or forum signatures using photo manipulation techniques to composite in-game screenshots. Here’s a few I’ve done in the last 8 weeks. Continue reading

New character wallpapers

I will always pick the creative project that someone else will use over the one that’s just going to sit on my computer or in my art folder. Continue reading

Character Module Design Process: Wireframing

Tonight I finished the low fidelity wireframes for the Character Module. Check inside to see a sample of them. Continue reading

Character Module Design Process: Interface Requirements

Referring back to the first post in the series, you’ll see near the bottom a list of screens, both new and existing. The next step in developing the Character Module is to take the userflows and the list of affected … Continue reading